Wholesale Apple Packing and Shipping Services

Apple Packing and Shipping

Our new state of the art Greefa Packing Line guarantees accurate sizing and product consistancy. It is made to be more efficient and gentler on the fruit allowing us to handle more apples, and get them to our customer in the best possible condition.

We are SCS "GMP" Certified, meaning that we consistantly demonstrate compliance to rigorous guidelines on procedures and practices related to land usage and history, harvesting practices, packing and shipping, environmental hazards, water quality, pest control, recall/traceability and employee health and hygiene.

Packing and Shipping Services in the Hudson Valley - Wholesale Apples

We use Bar Code Scanning to track every step of the apple packing and shipping process. This helps to ensure safety and tracability of our product from our farm to your table.

We are deeply committed to doing everything we can to make sure that only the best quality apples are delivered to our customers. Our staff continually monitors our finished product to ensure that our customers (and therefore their customers) receive consistently high quality apples.