About Us


George W. Saulpaugh, Jr., an astute businessman and entrepreneur, started the three generational apple farm in the early 1900s. As time passed the business progressed from coal sales, trucking, basket manufacturing, growing cherries, peaches and grapes and finally to specializing in apples.

George and his son Laverne were partners growing, packing, selling and trucking fruit. When controlled atmosphere (CA) storage tecnology was developed there became a larger demand for apples. George and Laverne increased their acreage, and built a controlled atmosphere storage room.

As the demand grew, Laverne added more controlled atmosphere storage rooms. When Laverne’s son, Alan, joined the business in the seventies, there were eight controlled atmosphere storage rooms and also a computerized packing house. Also around that time, a larger variety of apples, and smaller dwarf apple trees were planted which made better use of the expanding acreage.

Alan continued to run the business until his passing in 2008. His vision was for the business to continue, not only for the customers and growers, but also for the loyal employees, some of whom have been with Geaorge W Saulpaugh and Son for over a quarter century. apple orchard in bloom - george w saulpaugh and son David Jones, farm manager since 1991, then took over as president and general manager of all operations, and continues the tradition of excellent service and high quality apples.

The business continues to grow, with new and upgraded equipment, including a new state of the art packing line. And as always, new apple varieties are added regularly. We also continue to expand by bringing in a variety of apples from other growers. If this is a service we can provide for you, please contact us.