Apple Growers and Shippers

apple orchard

George W. Saulpaugh and Son has approximately twenty different varieties of apples that vary from tart to sweet and everything in between, so we have the perfect apple to satisfy everyone's pallet.

All of our apples are picked by hand and handled with care. The optimal harvest date is determined through a series of tests of the apple's color and sugar. The apple's "next destination" is also taken into consideration: whether they will go directly to the packing line for immediate sale, or be sent to Cold Storage in one of our Controlled Atmosphere Storage Facilities, for future packing and sale.

Controlled Atmosphere Facilities

We have eight Controlled Atmosphere Storage Rooms which can handle as many as 150,000 bushels of apples and hold them for future sale. Oxygen is replaced with nitrogen to slow the apple's "breathing" - in essence putting them to sleep until it is time to pack them. The rooms are sealed and monitored by computers to make sure they stay at the perfect level of temperature and atmosphere. Growers of Fine Apples : George W Saulpaugh and Son This technologically enables us to provide the highest quality apples year long - regardless of season.

When you include our three regular Cold Storage Facilities, we have the ability to store as many as 200,000 bushels of apples at any one time.

Safety and Tracability

We are GlobalGap Certified as well as SCS GMP Certified, which means we meet numerous quality and safety standards for agriculture safety, from growing, through shipping.